What is Kaddish?

For centuries the Jewish People have honored their loved ones who’ve passed on, through the recital of the Kaddish prayer.   It’s actually a prayer who’s content speaks merely of the exalted name of God, & makes no mention of the deceased .

Our sages tell us (Pesikta in Devarim chapter 14) that the departed soul can achieve Kapparah or Atonement even after leaving this world through good deeds done on behalf of the soul. Rabbeinu B’chaya adds that charities given in memory of the departed & the Kaddish prayer specifically help the soul achieve atonement and reach to higher levels in the after-world. Due to the honoring of Gods name amongst a minyan (group) of 10 or more Jews, Kaddish has traditionally become the way to honor our loved ones who’ve departed on to the next world.

According to the Jewish law and tradition Kaddish is said for one year by the son or other close relative of the departed soul. In many situations this isn’t possible due to circumstances such as there are no male close relatives, or someone is unable to attend services in a synagogue. The Kaddish Foundation offers a unique service on behalf of families in need by providing Kaddish prayers in memory of the departed.

Individualized Kaddish

In addition to the Kaddish prayer The Kaddish Foundation also offers “Individualized Kaddish” which includes the uttering of the Jewish name of the departed soul prior to the Kaddish recital, every day, as a way of connecting the individual soul to the Kaddish prayer.

We encourage families and friends in need to take advantage of our many special services.

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Additional Services

Mishnah Learning

Traditionally besides the recital of Kaddish, the Mishnayos ( a compilation of teachings of our sages) are learned in memory of the departed soul. By advocating Torah study in his merit the soul is elevated and honored in the after-world.

The Kaddish Foundation offers the learning of Mishna daily in memory of the departed soul by a member of the Rabbinical staff.

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For thousands of years the Jewish people have commemorated the Yahrzeit (Hebrew anniversary of the the soul)  It is said that every year on the Yahrzeit the soul has the ability to be elevated to a higher level in the world to come. Its observance which traditionally includes the recital of Kaddish, the Keil Malay Rachamim which is a special prayer for the soul to rest in peace in the afterworld, learning Mishnayos, and giving Tzedakah (charity) in memory of the departed helps elevate and bring honor to the soul in the after-world.

Perhaps the most common custom in yarzeit observance is the kindling of the Yarzeit memorial candle. Every jewish soul is compared to a single flame which will never be extinguished.

The Kaddish Foundation offers Yahrzeit observance which includes  the saying of Kaddish,at all three daily prayers. Mishnah learning, lighting of a memorial candle in memory  of the departed soul . A charity donation allocated by our rabbinic staff to help needy families can be pledged as well with our foundation.

A yearly reminder of upcoming Yahrzeit can be sent to the family upon request

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